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Work Up A Sweat

*Here you will find a weekly list of my workouts and some of my favorite workouts*

June 27-July 3 2011


Tuesday-30 minutes HIIT, 100 crunches (4 sets of 25 different kinds), 15 minute run.

Wednesday-2.65 mile run, 10 minutes stair master (step lively)

Thursday-2 mile run on treadmill, 1 hour total body conditioning class (I’m feeling it!!)

Friday-Off (the snooze button won)

Saturday-5.75 mile run

Sunday-25 minute run/sprint

July 4th-July 10th


Tuesday- 25 minutes of circuits, 150 various crunches, 1 mile run, 20 minutes on the stairmaster

Wednesday- 3.1 mile run

Thursday- 25 minutes of circuit training, 15 minutes on stationary bike


Saturday- RUN DAY!!  Wish me luck

Sunday- 45 minute walk with Diesel

July 11th-July 17th


Tuesday-50 Minute Total Body Workout

Wednesday-Half Marathon Trainig Begins!!  2 Mile Speed Work

Thursday-3 Mile Outdoor Run


Saturday-Bodyweight Circuit, 20 Minutes Stationery Bike

Sunday-3 Mile Run

July 18th-July 24th

Monday- Off

Tuesday- 4 Mile Run

Wednesday- 50 Minute Weight Session

Thursday- Off (you suck mother nature)

Friday- 15 Minute Stairmaster- 25 Minute Bike

Saturday-5 Mile Run

Sunday-Pyramid Circuits

July 25th-July 31st

Monday- Off

Tuesday- 3 Mile Run

Wednesday- 45 Minutes Strength Training

Thursday- 4 Mile Run

Friday- Off

Saturday- 5 Mile Run (supposed to be 6)

Sunday- 45 minute eliptical routine

August 1st- August 7th

Monday- Off

Tuesday- 3 miles of speedwork

Wednesday- 40 minutes weight lifting

Thursday- 5 mile run

Friday- Off

Saturday- 7 mile run

Sunday- 20 minutes weight session


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Hey there!! I'm April. I'm the writer here at Motor City Runner. I'm 26 years old and have a passion for running, all things fitness, healthy eating (most of the time), and everything sweet!! I am also training for my first half marathon. Feel free to stick around and watch as I make the journey to 13.1 miles!!


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