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I am a new blogger and a relatively new blog reader.  I really didn’t know they existed.  Aside from Facebook and, I don’t venture much around the web.  Celebrity gossip makes my day 🙂

When I started working out in January, I started Googling to find some work out ideas.  From that point on, I have found many blogs that I have fallen in love with.  I am sure this will have to be done on more than one Friday.  There are quite a few blogs that I absolutely love.  I am going to start with the five blogs I first started reading.

*The Fitnessista– This was the very first blog I ever found.  I love Gina’s page.  The workouts are what got my attention and I have followed ever since.  I love Gina’s realness and the workouts she puts together are awesome!!  Holla at the winter/summer shape-ups!!  I have used the Winter Shape Up 2011 and the Summer Shape Up 2011 and have seen amazing results.  In all honesty, I owe a lot of my weight loss to her workouts.

*Peanut Butter Fingers– I found Julie through Fitnessista.  I was on Fitnessista’s blog roll and it was the name that intrigued me to click the link.  Peanut Butter Fingers?!?!  What?!?!  I love peanut butter.   I loved it from the start.  I love how down to earth Julie is.  I feel like we could meet up and talk for hours even though I don’t even know her.  Also, how stinkin’ cute is Sadie?

*Sweet Tooth Sweet Life– You are going to notice a pattern here….I found Courtney from Peanut Butter Fingers site!!  I love the recipes this girl whips out.  I have made a couple myself.  Orange soda cupcakes anyone?  Even though I call soda “pop.”  I’ll let that slide since they were so GOOD!!

*Running Off The Reeses– One word: hilarious!!  I also found Cely through Peanut Butter Fingers.  You absolutely have to go to her sight.  I literally laugh out loud when I read her posts.  EVERY SINGLE TIME!!  She recently went to Alaska and I am green with vacation envy.  Alaska is one of the places I want to go.

*Carrots N Cake– By this point, you already know where I found Tina- Peanut Butter Fingers!!  😉  I love Tina’s day-to-day adventures.  I also love the complete honesty like with her colitis diagnosis.    Since I am a blogger baby, I love her page that is dedicated just to blogging tips. 

All of these blogs as well as some more that will be mentioned at a later time, have completely inspired me.  Each one is so unique.  It feels awesome to be a part of such a great community.

Question of the night:

What is one of your favorite blogs?


After yesterday’s ridiculous heat, it’s actually not too bad today.  I got to the gym first thing this morning and completed 15 minutes on the stairmaster and 25 on the bike.  Note to self:  when on said stairmaster, pay attention to the machine, not the iPhone.  I almost killed myself when it switched to a higher level. 

While on the bike, I caught up on some very educational reading.


After that, it was work time.  I stopped at the gas station and got some essential fuel.

Ahhh….Diet Mountain Dew.  There really are no words.  I try not to drink pop through the week.  Come Friday though, all bets are off and I will practically bathe in the stuff.

Coffee with French Vanilla creamer.  That’s a morning staple. 


Since it’s Friday, you know what that means.  Five facts about yours truly.

1.) I always read the last page of a book first.  I started doing it years ago and still do it. 

2.) My poor iPhone deserves a better owner.  Really.  I am knock down drag out IN LOVE with my phone, but I drop it all the time.  So sad.

3.) I hate the word “panty.”  It’s dirty.  Yuck

4.) I am insane about spelling.  Please learn how to spell.  Thank you

5.) Punctuation not so much though.  Do I really have to use another comma??


So to really  hold myself accountable, this is my work out plan for the week.

Saturday- 5 mile Run

Sunday- Weights

Monday- Off

Tuesday- 3 Mile Run

Wednesday- Weights

Thursday- 4 Miles

Friday- Eliptical

Saturday- 6 Miles

Sunday- Weights


Have a good night everyone!! 

Question of the night:

What is one thing you hate doing at the gym?

I hate the stairmaster, but I know it’s giving me a killer workout, so I put on my big girl pants and tough it out!!



I didn’t go to the gym this morning 😦  I was really not feeling good this morning, so I decided to skip it.  I also have to rearrange my workout schedule to accommodate my half marathon training.  I’m a little stressed about that.  The plan is to weight lift two days a week and run three days a week.  I typically workout/run 6 days a week.  I’ll figure it out.  I’m sure.


So, I was thinking that on Fridays I would do something fun and do a “five facts” list. 

Here goes nothin’!!

1.)  I HATE unpainted toenails.  It’s gross and creeps me out to no end.

I’m not even asking you to get a pedicure.  Just take the three seconds to paint them.  Please.  For the record, those are not my toes.

2.) I like to do stuff in numbers.  When I chew, I count.  When I run/walk, I count my steps.  When I suck out of a straw, I count.  I prefer to do things in multiples of 4’s.  Four chews, eight steps, etc….You get the point.

3.) I always put my right shoe on first.  No rhyme or reason, I just do.

4.) I check before I do anything on the computer.  I’m slightly obsessed with celeb gossip.  It’s true.

5.) When I flip a page of a book while I’m reading, I always flip it back, then flip it again to make sure I haven’t skipped a page.  Every.  Single.  Time!!

That was fun!!  Meet me here next Friday for more


Question of the night:

What is something fun/interesting about yourself?

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