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“Can I Help You?”

I had to sneak in a Diesel pic since he’s so handsome 🙂

Today was day 10 on the ole training plan and as you may know, I’ve been having some problems around mile 4.5ish.  I think I may have figured it out!!  I ate half of a tortilla with 1/2 a teaspoon of peanut butter RIGHT before my run.    As I was running, I sipped on water even if I wasn’t feeling thirsty.  It seemed to work.  Keep your fingers crossed!!


Workout (Yesterdays)

I got to the gym around 7:00 am to do a weights session.  I love lifting weights, but since I have been focusing on half marathon training, I’ve been having a hard time getting motivated to weight lift.

Push Ups-15

Bent Over Row-15

Hammer Curls-15

Bent Over Fly-15

Shoulder Press-15

Tricep Dips-15

I used 10 pound weights.  I did this circuit style, so I completed this two more times for of total of three times.  I followed up with some ab work. 

50 frog crunches

50 ab turns

25 sit ups

25 crunches

I rounded it all out with 15 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill.

I was a nice sweaty beast when I was finished. 


Tomorrow’s Friday!!  Woot -Woot

On the agenda for the blog tomorrow:

Five Facts

Book Review of “French Women Don’t Get Fat.”  Hint: AMAZING

Question of the night:

Any plans for the weekend?


So I finally pressed the submit button and signed up for The Brooksie Way Half Marathon.  I started training a few days before I actually signed up.  My thoughts?  OMG why am I trying to kill myself??  I know I can do it though!!  In the words of Nike “Just Do It!!”


Half Training Day 4 (yesterday)

4 miles

It was nice and easy.  I did it a little slow so I don’t kill myself.  Since it’s hot as hades here, you better believe I did those 4 miles on the treadmill.  As much as I like running outside, I draw a line at 400* heat.

Nice and easy.  It actually was a really good run for me.   I was going to go a little more, but I’m trying to stick to the plan so I don’t hurt my knee. 


Todays Workout

I was in the mood to do some weights, but I had some stuff to do before work, so I didn’t want to be at the gym forever.

Warm Up-5 mins.

21’s-8 pound dumbbells-12 reps*2

Cable Crossover-10 pounds-12 reps*2 <——These OWN me when I’m working on my shoulders)

Cable Crossover Triceps-40 pounds-12 reps*2

Dual Axis Row-45 pounds-12 reps*2

Lat Pulldown-40 pounds-12 reps*2

Incline Hammer Curls-8 pounds-12 reps*2

Step Overs-12 per side


Plank- 1 Minute

Foam Rolled- 15 Minutes


On a side note, I am going to start blogging everyday or at least every other.  When I go three days without, I feel overwhelmed and I don’t want stuff to get sloppy.  I also will be doing some more work this weekend on zee blog.  Like the book reviews.  🙂  I slacked a little on that.


There is a very handsome Boxer who has a half birthday today, so I’m out!!  One big peanut butter bone coming right up!!

Question of the night:

Do you celebrate your pets birthdays?-I am totally that pet owner who celebrates full birthdays, half birthdays, holidays, and his name gets signed on all cards 🙂

….I actually thought I was going to faint when I was done.  You see, if I don’t fuel properly before working out, I will either get sick or almost pass out.  I ate an apple on my way to the gym, but clearly that was not enough.  It’s been A LONG TIME since I have had that happen to me.  Here is what I did: (found over at Julie’s page, but changed just a little bit)

Leg Extension-35 pounds-15 reps*3

Leg Curl-50 pounds-15 reps*3

Rotary Calf-70 pounds-15reps*3

10 Minute Run at 5.5 mph

Stability Ball Hamstring Curls-20 reps*3

Pushups-15 reps*3<——I did them girly style

10 Minute Eliptical-1 Minute Forward-1 Minute Backward

Tricep Dips-15 reps*3

Various Crunches-20*4

I was on that last set of crunches when the whole room started to spin and I thought for sure I was going down.  I made it just in time to a bench and sat there with my head between my knees.  I did manage to have completed almost 50 minutes and burn almost 500 calories.  I’ll take it.


Well, I’m going to take it easy for the rest of the night and since I have been a bad blogger and haven’t taken any pictures, I will leave you with a few pictures of Diesel.

I’m going to stop at two because really, I could just go all night.  I LOVE that boy!!



Question of the night:

Have you ever gotten sick/passed out from working out?

More on that in a bit


Well hello July.  Sneaky little thing snuck right up on me.  That also means we are over half way to Christmas 🙂 

So, I got this idea from Julie’s page and thought I’d include it:  June Highlights!!

I started zee ole blog

Celebrated Father’s Day

Got a Bondi Band

Since I just started this blog, those are the highlights right now 😉

As I’m looking at my calendar, the weekends this month are pretty jam-packed.  Including my first official race next weekend!!  I’m nervous/excited/ frightened.


Yesterday was like any other Friday.  Had pizza for dinner (I LOVE pizza Fridays), and then it happened again….

Dang you Rollo McFlurry. You are so GGGGOOOODDDD

I can’t help myself when it comes to these things.  I’m also bummed that they are only a limited edition thing.  That’s a sin.

Before I knew it, that thing was gone


Now, onto my post title.  Today I woke up with every intention to do a 10 mile run.  I’ve been getting a cramp at mile 6ish on my long runs, so I wanted to try running on a completely empty stomach.  Let me sum that up for you in one simple word: FAIL

I made it 5.75 miles before I said “forget it.”  Ya live and learn right?  As soon as I was done I needed something in this empty stomach and fast

I know people have different opinions on Gatorade, but I love the stuff!!  It was exactly what I needed after that not so good run.  I’m pretty bummed, but there’s always next time.


Well, we broke a record here in the mitten state: 98 degrees today.  This is what Diesel thinks of that

“Mom, how much longer until that cold white stuff comes back?”

In honor of the nasty heat today, I’m totally rockin’ a french braid.  I totally feel like an 8-year-old too, but I love french braids.  My hair is finally long enough again to do them.

Well, I’m going to try to not melt
Question of the night:  Is 26 too old for a french braid?  🙂  You can be totally honest, I can take it!!
….yes you read that right. Thank God It’s Monday.

You see, this girls rest day is Monday. That means I do zilch, zip, nada (except work of course). So, I figured today would be the perfect day to introduce the man of the house


He is our two and a half year old Boxer who is an absolute delight. We got him when he was seven weeks old

He is the best dog EVER (of course I’m a little partial).

He is the best walking/running partner a girl could ask for. Just a quick little post to introduce him. I’m sure you will see lots more of him!!

Question of the night:

Do you have an animal that absolutely rocks your world?

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