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As we all know, I love to read.  One of the best things about the building I work in is that there is a library right across the street.  I can literally hear the angels singing….. 🙂

On my lunch hour today, my friend and I went over there to scope it out.  Aside from the obnoxiously loud receptionist, it was like a small slice of heaven.  There have been a few books I’ve been trying to get my hands on, but they have been out.  Today some of them were in and I snatched them right up. 

I read a review about “French Women Don’t Get Fat” over at AFoodieStaysFit and I have been practically climbing the walls waiting for it to get back to the library.

I actually wanted to read “Freakonomics” first, but it was out so I went ahead and got this one.

I’m sure I’ll never touch fast food again after this book.  However, I said that after watching “Super Size Me”, and that happened for about .0265984 seconds.  I haven’t touched the chicken nuggets.  Watch the documentary and you’ll know why.

Do I think I will have them all finished in 3 weeks?  Nope.  But they are in my possession now and I will just keep checking them out.  Muhahaha 🙂

The library has nice little baskets to put your books in while goofing off roaming the aisles.  This was ours:

My friend just had a baby (love that guy so much) so there were some cutsie baby books in there too.


Book Review

 I finished this today

In all honesty, I was completely disappointed.  It got such great reviews.  I wanted to just skip pages so I get to the end and start another book.  I hate when that happens.

To me, the book was ALL OVER THE PLACE.  It’s written as Rueben telling a story.  It randomly jumps from present to past.  Right near the end, I started to get a little in to it, but not enough to where I couldn’t put it down.  Boo 😦


Question of the night?

Have you ever been super excited about a book and it ended up being a total bust?


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