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Officially “Official”

Posted on: July 21, 2011

So I finally pressed the submit button and signed up for The Brooksie Way Half Marathon.  I started training a few days before I actually signed up.  My thoughts?  OMG why am I trying to kill myself??  I know I can do it though!!  In the words of Nike “Just Do It!!”


Half Training Day 4 (yesterday)

4 miles

It was nice and easy.  I did it a little slow so I don’t kill myself.  Since it’s hot as hades here, you better believe I did those 4 miles on the treadmill.  As much as I like running outside, I draw a line at 400* heat.

Nice and easy.  It actually was a really good run for me.   I was going to go a little more, but I’m trying to stick to the plan so I don’t hurt my knee. 


Todays Workout

I was in the mood to do some weights, but I had some stuff to do before work, so I didn’t want to be at the gym forever.

Warm Up-5 mins.

21’s-8 pound dumbbells-12 reps*2

Cable Crossover-10 pounds-12 reps*2 <——These OWN me when I’m working on my shoulders)

Cable Crossover Triceps-40 pounds-12 reps*2

Dual Axis Row-45 pounds-12 reps*2

Lat Pulldown-40 pounds-12 reps*2

Incline Hammer Curls-8 pounds-12 reps*2

Step Overs-12 per side


Plank- 1 Minute

Foam Rolled- 15 Minutes


On a side note, I am going to start blogging everyday or at least every other.  When I go three days without, I feel overwhelmed and I don’t want stuff to get sloppy.  I also will be doing some more work this weekend on zee blog.  Like the book reviews.  🙂  I slacked a little on that.


There is a very handsome Boxer who has a half birthday today, so I’m out!!  One big peanut butter bone coming right up!!

Question of the night:

Do you celebrate your pets birthdays?-I am totally that pet owner who celebrates full birthdays, half birthdays, holidays, and his name gets signed on all cards 🙂


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