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Well Rested….For Sure

Posted on: July 6, 2011

This was such a good holiday weekend.  We did absolutely NOTHING!!  Which is exactly how I wanted it.  I didn’t get out of pajamas for 2 days straight.  Only to run and even then I considered maybe I didn’t really have to 😉

Here’s a small recap:

*I slept in until noon Sunday AND Monday.

*Attempted to run 10 miles on an empty stomach and FAILED.  It was more like 5.75 miles.

*Took 1.5 showers in 3 days….don’t ask about the .5, just know that it’s possible 🙂  I was at home….who do I need to impress?  I’m already married.  I was saving water.



This was my dinner from the Bell: a chicken chalupa supreme, a bean burrito with sour cream, a hard taco, nachos and cheese, 1/2 of an apple empanada, and two things of pop.  OH my Lord!!  It was worth every bite though. 

However, since I haven’t eaten like that in a good 6 months, I was for sure paying for it later.  My stomach was in PAIN!!  At least I know my body can’t handle “not healthy” foods.



Since I owned Taco Bell yesterday, I KNEW I needed to get it on at the gym today.  Tuesday’s are a weight day for me, so I did 25 minutes of circuits (which I’m slightly obsessed with).  After that, my body was craving MORE MORE MORE.  I listened and did a quick mile on the treadmill and then 20 minutes on the stairmaster.  That thing kills me every. single. time!!

That was my sad attempt at taking a picture while in motion.  I almost killed myself more than once!!  I also attempted to read that magazine and found out the hard way that I’m not multi task capable. 

There is nothing quite as good as a nice sweaty workout!!

Please ignore the crazy face.  What is WRONG with me?!


So I have a confession to make.  I’m not real big on the whole “taking pics of food.”  I love looking at other people’s pics, but I don’t like it.  Maybe ’cause I’m not good at it yet??  I don’t know.

Anyways, we had sloppy joes, fries and corn on the cob made on this beast

There really is nothing quite like grilled corn on the cob!!  See what I mean about the food pics??  Sad Sad Sad 😦

Well I’m out!!  4 days until my first official race!!  Wish me luck!!!!

Question of the night?

What is your favorite way to exercise??-Aside from running, I LOVE to do circuits.  Gets my heart nice and pumpin’!!

 See ya tomorrow!!


2 Responses to "Well Rested….For Sure"

Swimming is for sure my favorite way to exercise! I love that you had a feast a Taco Bell – that place is great!

Girl, I can eat Taco Bell 82 times a week and never get sick of it. I love to swim, but I’ve never done it as a form of exercise. I can imagine that it’s an AWESOME exercise!!

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