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Posted on: June 21, 2011

….yes you read that right. Thank God It’s Monday.

You see, this girls rest day is Monday. That means I do zilch, zip, nada (except work of course). So, I figured today would be the perfect day to introduce the man of the house


He is our two and a half year old Boxer who is an absolute delight. We got him when he was seven weeks old

He is the best dog EVER (of course I’m a little partial).

He is the best walking/running partner a girl could ask for. Just a quick little post to introduce him. I’m sure you will see lots more of him!!

Question of the night:

Do you have an animal that absolutely rocks your world?


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Hey there!! I'm April. I'm the writer here at Motor City Runner. I'm 26 years old and have a passion for running, all things fitness, healthy eating (most of the time), and everything sweet!! I am also training for my first half marathon. Feel free to stick around and watch as I make the journey to 13.1 miles!!


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